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We Welcome you to
M.G. English School under protection of Nav Bharat Vidya Mandal (Trust Regn. No. F/124) is a co-educational school. Though affiliated to Gujarat Secondary Education Board, It is all set to meet parents' aspiration for a Quality educational institute. At present it has classes from Play Group to XII Science and XII Commerce. The school has thus become full-fledged in just few years.
M G has taken shape with a vision and a mission to prepare every child for life and not just for some exams. The management has very clear perception about education and various means and ways to realize its real aim. It has tried to provide state-of -the art infrastructure and qualified. competent and committed staff. We will see that school doesn't just remain something like what Gurudev Tagore says "A Decorated cage (school) with parrot (the child) inside starving". With the help of the latest techniques and methods, means and activities, we shall strive to drive out talents the best in each child to ensure its harmonious development.  It is heartening to note that in a very short span of few  years, the school has grown rapidly in all aspects.. Each section having limited children,  teachers are able to pay individual attention to all the children and very slow learners are given special guidance through Mentor system. Utmost emphasis on reading extra books, spoken English, Burden and stress free education through very useful, interesting educational software, activities, projects, picnics and visits, and fewer number of books and note books, less homework etc. have ensured a balanced growth of children's personality.

We greet you at MG -
A place where students and teachers can flower.
A place where future generation can be prepared
not just merely to turn out students as a machine i.e mechanical
or technological instruments but above all Good human beings, with moral values
without fear, without confusion, with great integrity.

( Let noble thoughts come from all sides. )

A Brief Profile




5th August, 1948
No of students at present : Around 1600(Nursery to class XII Sc and XII Com)


M.G‘s Motto

Awareness to empowerment  +  tmso ma JyoitgRmy


M.G’s Vision

To prepare every child for life, For its opportunities and challenges by giving roots and wings of self dependence and creativity and not the crutches of rote learning. To help the child manifest the best in it and ensure a harmonious development of its personality (i.e., Development of body, mind and spirit)

M.G’s Divine Vision
Where learning is without fear and values are held high
Where prejudice does not cloud vision
Where the pupil is not an encyclopedia
But a thinker and a dreamer
Where great heights are scaled
But roots are not forgotten
Where teacher is not just an informer
But a facilitator and motivator
Where there is no stress-strain due to heavy books and home works
Where learning takes place with all cheers and no tears
Where rote Learning is discarded and roots and wings are given
Where students go ga-ga in activities
 Games and sports, Picnics & visits Where each child is
treated as living God
Whom we love, Listen to and adore
Where children manifest their best
To develop in body, mind and spirit
And prove to be perfect human beings
Eternally to excel in every sphere of life.


M.G ‘s Mission

To prepare the students right from the beginning for
(i) effective communication in English.
(ii) a place of distinction in any area of their choice including sports, cultural and literary activities.


M.G ‘s Action plan

We have
(a) Beautiful spacious building with lush green surroundings.
(b) Facilities for all major indoor / outdoor games.
(c) Big Hall, Large library with the latest facilities, exclusive wing for pre-primary with a very big well decorated hall, well equipped labs, Specially built music and dance room etc.
(d) Totally Burden less, stress free education.
(e) Very efficient, experienced, committed and loving management and staff.
(f) Inter-house and intro-house competitions in various cultural & Literary activities .



M.G.Schools are one of the premier schools of Nadoda Area & even in Sindhi Schools in Gujarat. located at Kubernagar Ahmedabad.The school was established in the year 1948. The schools recognized by the Department of Education ( Gujarat Secondary & Higher Secondary Education Board Gandhinagar) it is Linguistic Minority School run by the Nav Bharat Vidhya Mandal which is public service Trust or Charitable Trust it is registered under the securities Act XXI of 1860 with Registered No. F-124.


Background of the school

After Independence Sindhi’s migrated from Sindh. Pakistan to India with-empty handed. So they strived for basic facilities & needs of living in these difficult times great personalities like Dr.Choithram Gidvani, Shri Jivanlal Jairamdas, Prof.Shivdasani, prof.Gurbaxani, Shri Mansingh Chuharmal, Shri Giyanchand Jodhani, Shri Jairamdas Doulatram & Shri T.L.Khubchandani ,Shri Veerumal Khushaldas & other came forward and worked hard to stablish the first Sindhi school named Mahatma Gandhi High school at Kubernagar in 1948 and then its branch at Sardarnagar for the better future of children in 1986. The school was established as a very small unit with 36 students in first day & it has grown to be a very big tree with 1600 students .


Present Position

The school has classes from (Balmandir) to XII in Sindhi Medium with full facility & Nursery to VII in English  Medium. There are about 1600 students & 66 Teachers & 15 Non teaching staff members. The school works in single shift starting  at 08.00 am to 1.30 noon. The Academics  session of school is June to May every year.


School Buildings

The school has well established & maintained three buildings. The school buildings are two storeyed with 66 specious classrooms, well equipped Science Secondary Laboratary, Physics, Chemistry, Biology Laboratories large maintained Library, Examination Rooms Computer Laboratories, Tailoring Laboratories, Drawing Room, Craft (chemical technology) Labourtary, Staff Rooms, Store Room, Record Room, Activity Hall, Light Refreshment Room, sufficient sets of Toilets for staff (ladies & gents) & for Girls & Boys & water rooms for Girls & Boys.  There is a separate wing for M.G. Primary Schools & for Saint Mira English school with high compound walls. Big & Smooth Play Ground  Toys room with other required facilities.


Special Features

  1. Any kind of Development Fee Building fund or so called or donation is never charged.
  2. All members of staff are highly qualified dedicated experienced. Appointments are made strictly in merit with the assistance of expert educationalist from outside.
  3. Members of the staff are not permitted to take any private tuition. Remedid teaching is done to  the educationally backwoard students.
  4. Refresh Training courses are also arranged for the teacher from time to time so that they may be well acquainted with the new development in the theory and practice of the education.
  5. Computer education is taught from Std. III to XII.
  6. All way balanced in curricular, co-curricular & extra curricular activities are maintained.


Glimpses of history of Trust and schools
Every community has its own literature from which one can evaluate ts greatness of culture and civilization. It is a matter of pride that our Sindhi community occupies a high position in this respect. Sindhi community possesses great ideals and royal heritage of the world. We Sindhis the heirs of Sindhu civilization have been the victims of one of the larges migrations at the time of partition of the country. Sindhis had  to sacrifice their mother land, their shelters their properties and belongings. None of the other communities except Sindhi community has sacrificed so much for the nation.
Having left the entire Sindh and facing many challenges of life the vicims of this great community rehabilitated themselves in the refugee camps provided for them in various parts of India. Among them Deolali Camp was one of the refugee campwhere we started standing on our feet and began to earn our bread. But the great thinkers and well wishers of our community started thinking about educating the children whose education was disrupted. In those days the children also has to earn to share their household expenses of help their parents in their work. To facilitate such student they thought of starting morning shift school. Hence they organized a trust viz. Nav Bharat Vidya Mandal. The dignitories who worked hard to start school were the roaring lion of Sindhis Dr. Choithram Gidwani, Padmashri Dada Jivanlal Jairamdas, Shri Mansng Chuharmal, Shri G.H. Jodhani and others. The trust started a school in south Deolali under the name of the Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi in 1948.Subsequently in 1949 this school was shifted to Ahmedabad where it was run in two areas (i) Kubernagar  (ii) Sabarmati Ranip. In main School at Kubernagar the classes for Std. V to XI were started Std. V to VII classes were started in the open space of the garden in Sabarmati camp. For a few months the school in Kubernagar was run temporarily in Beggars’ Home. Then it was shifted to vacant plots of Bunglow  Area by errecting the class rooms of bamboo chips. While the pupils of Sabarmati branch had to seek admission in Kubernagar for Std. VIII to XI by crossing the river and walking a distance of 10 to 12 kms.
In 1953 this school was shifted to  military barracks of New ‘G’ Ward Kubernagar where classes for Std. V to XI were started. Having got the plots on cheap rate, central government aid, financial assistance of some public institutions and the loan amount taken, a Pakka airy building was  constructed.
In 1958-59 Mrs. Suchyata Kripalani and Acharya  J.B. Kripalani recommended the central Govt to sanction funds from Prime Minister fund for plot and building for M.G. High School building including the stage was built with the co-operation and voluntary services of the Students. A lot of development of the building is being made constantly since then.
It was a matter of pride that M.G. High School got approval to start Higher Secondary wing consisting general stream as well as science stream. The School started both the streams and big laboratories equipped with modern facilities were provided for physics, chemistry and biology.
In 1980 the principal of M.G. High School Shri A. M. Khatwani and the Principal of Dr. C.G. High School Shri K.T. Bhatia got plots on lease for 15 years.
The new generation having the craze for English medium the strength of Sindhi medium students has been decreasing since the year 2000. Naturally it affected the number of classes. Looking to such circumstances Dada Mahadevbhai Kheskani after taking the charge as President of Nav Bharat Vidya Mandal proposed to start English medium classes simultaneously. Hence English Medium was adopted along with Sindhi medium in both the schools. The number of English medium students in increasing day by day and the totl strength of such students in both the schools has reached to 1600.
To improve the standard of English medium various training courses and the classes like SCOPE were started. The concerned teachers are being sent to renowned English medium schools to take the visits and observe their good qualities and implement them in the schools. The infinite contribution of Shri S.P. Uttamchandani an active educationist and our trustee plays an important role in this aspect. He dreams that the standard of our Schools should be as good as that of International Schools as such both the Schools hae been linked with E-learning connectivity which was the earnest desire of our Nav Bharat Vidya Mandal.
In 2009 Sindhu Sewa Samaj with its financial aid built up a nice and magnificent dome known as Dada Jivanlal Memorial Hall in the open plot of Mahatma Gandhi High School which includes a wide stage with pious atmosphere all around. The inauguration of the hall was held on 3-1-2010. This is an unforgettable act of Social Service for which the credit goes to Dada Mahadevbhai Kheskani and Shri Sudhirbhai Khurana. The plot lying in the back yard of the building has been resurfaced and an open air theatre with a stage has been built. Beside the beautiful dome in the front side of te building a rich library hall on the line of Sindhology of Adipur and  Sindhu Bhavan of Ahmedabad has been built in the loving memory of Shri Varandmal Galani. It has been a neck rising memorial for our community. Art of living inspired by Shri Shri Ravishanker Maharaj and various other activities are run in another spacious hall named Shri Gurmukhdas Somani Hll. Apart from these halls Nevandbhai Mangharani computer room and Santwani Memorial Hall are also beautifully constructed which add to the beauty of the school building. With the construction of these halls the scarcity of halls experienced herebefore by the local public has been solved to a great extent.
During these six decades the population of Srdarngar township having grown extensively, many new schools came into existence. Most of their organizers, principals and members of staff are alumni of schools of Nav Bharat Vidya Mandal.

The Founder & Ex-Trustees of Nav Bharat Vidya Mandal.

Late Dr. Choithram Gidwani : During the partition of the county he was like the messiah of those Sindhis who has to part with their native land with heavy hearts. Ge realized the agonies of the victims who became homeles after the migration. He rose his voice to resettle them in India. He represented not only Sindhis but alos Punjabis abd Bengalis. He fought nonviolently for their rights and got many resolutions passed in the parliament in favour of refugee. He wa the Chairmn of Rehabilitation Committee. He was a fearless leader and a loyal freedom fighter. On account emelve of his fealessness he was known as ‘The roaring lion’ Nav Bharat Vidya Mandal is proud that such a great personality had been the first President of the trust. He was among those M.  Ps, who were elected during the first parliament elections of the country after independece. Sindhi Community can not forget his invaluable services.

Late Shri Jairamdas Daulatram  : The Govt. of India appreciating his abilities appointed him Union Food Minister in the cabinet. Later on he was appointed as the Governor of Assam by the President Of India. He was a close companion of Mahatma Gandhi. He inspired the students to join I.P.S.  and I.A.S. Courses and reach high executive posts.

Late Padmashri Jeevanlal  Jairamdas : He had been the secretary of Harijan Seva Sangh. He was the pioneer of Establishing Thakkar Bapa Nagar where many Sindhis have settled themselves. He was the man of principles, fealess and of revolutionary nature. He believed inGanarijans and depressed people. He was associated with the Sabarmati Ashram of Ahmedabad. The President of India apprecialting his services for the  people of backward class, the poor nd the needy and his efforts to improve their financial, social and academic status honoured him by awarding Padmashri in 1970.

Late Shri N.D. Gurbaxani  : He was a renowned educationist of Sindhi Community. His Contribution in the field of education is unique.

Late Prof. Ghanshyam Shivdasani  : He was one of the three great persons who struggled hard to obtain basic facilities  for the displaced perons of our community who were uprooted from the native land. He also played an important role to convince the Union Rehahilitation Department to sanction the claims of refugees who has to leave their immovable properties in Sindh.
Late Shri Mansing Chuharmal  :
He was the Camp Commandant of Deolali Camp.  He rendered his Services as General Manager of  ‘Hindustan’ Sindhi daily newspaper. He was the helpmate of Shri Hiranand Karamchand. His unique Services for the Community can not be forgotten.


Late Shri Hiranand Karamchand :
This great man had been the editor of ‘Hindu’ ad ‘Hindustan’ daily Sindhi newspapers for  about fifty years. Besides being a successful journalist, he fought against the social evils in the society through his papers. He was deadly against dowry system since his childhood. Alongwith his colleague Shri Mansing Chuharmal he rose his voice effectively for the burning problems of our caste fellows. Prompt settlement of claims, rehabilitation of refugees, establishment of educational institutions, employment opportunities were given priority on account of his strong representation through his editorials. As a pioneer trustee of Nav Bharat Vidya Mandal he always thought of providing ideal education to the pupils. Most of his suggestions and proposals were appreciated by the trust and put into practice.

Late Shri Gianchand Jdhani : This great man established the first School in Deolali camp (Dist. Nasik ) after partition. Our community can not forget his such act of  praiseworthy Service. He had good command over English , Hindi and Persian languages. His impressive method of teaching is still admired by all the students even today.

Late Shri Veerumal Khushaldas :  This great social worker was the first Sindhi M.L.A. of Govt. of Gujarat who was elected thrice with tremendous majority of voles. He was the President of Gujarat Sindhi Association .He playes a significant role to eradicate the burning problems of our community such as to legalise the cabins etc. He was not only a greate freedom fighter but  also a Sincere worker of Sindhi community. He was one of the three eminent Sindhi personalities of Gujarat who always remained active in rendering their selfless services for the welfare of the community till the last breath of his life. Th